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Who We Are

Our goal is to help you go from burdened by your debt to debt free. We are experts with programs that do not cost you anything until we accomplish your desired results. Our credit specialists are all experienced in designing the perfect recovery packages for you and your budget.

Our Services

Debt Settlement

Pik Solutions is a leading debt settlement firm specializing in financial mitigation of personal credit card and unsecured debt. Our group consists of highly experienced debt negotiators, all of whom are committed to preserving the rights of our clients.

Cash Advance

Our standard business funding program which requires split funding through one of our many processing partners or setting up a lock box account if the processor is not a partner of ours and cannot be changed.

Hybrid Cash Advance

Similar to a Traditional Cash Advance however repayment is taken as a combination of a percentage of credit card processing plus a daily ACH.

Our Process

How Do I Qualify?

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How Do I Apply?

At Pik Solutions, applying is quick & easy. The quicker you apply, the quicker we can get you the money that you need. Apply Now!


I owed $48k in credit cards and was paying $1,500 per month in minimum payments before I joined their program. I am now paying $719 per month, completely interest free and will be debt free in 42 months. I can finally breathe again! I can’t thank you guys enough!!!

Kathleen Decker – Buffalo, NY

I had a sale date on my home in 30 days. They helped me stop the foreclosure on my home and my adjustable rate mortgage from Bank of America was modified to a fixed rate at 2%. I saved nearly $900 off my mortgage payment. I am so glad I followed the direction of Pik Solutions!

Joshua Harris – Hackensack, NJ

I recently reached out to them for funding for my business. They were out that same day working on my line. Pik Solutions is a company that is responsive, easy to work with, with a great team! I am very pleased and proud to recommend them to anyone in need of more available cash to operate / grow their company!

Christine Wilson – Chicago, IL

Applying is quick & easy. The quicker you apply, the quicker we can get you the money that you need.